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Earlier this year I was commissioned to do a portrait shoot for Serena Simmons. Serena runs her own business as a coaching psychologist and wanted some relaxed and engaging images to use on her website and blog. Something other than the typical head shot!  We spent a lovely sunny afternoon taking photos of her around her home and garden. I met her two lovely cats Otter and Flossie, who even joined us for a picture or two.

'Serena Simmons is an academic and Coaching Psychologist who is passionate about living a multi-passionate life! As a qualified psychologist, Serena works with individuals and businesses who are looking to make a change in one or more areas of their life. She has a drive to help people break their tired routine, using both traditional and non-traditional methods, Serena will coach you to look at things and start to address them immediately! Not for the feint-hearted. Do not see her if you really don’t want a challenge! '

If you're interested in Serena's work you can learn more about it on her website: and blog:


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